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Dashing Through the Books...

Hi peeps!  My poor blog has been neglected this week while I've been creating an "Evil Tammy's Brazen Book Banter" Facebook page.  *whew*  No one bothered to tell me, BEFORE, how much work it would take to "pimp" my favorite authors and books.  I'm thinking that's the 'dirty little secret' that bloggers keep to themselves!'s a link to my FB page.  Please go "Like" it so that I can build up a BIG audience for my author/book promotions!  Evil Tammy's Facebook Page

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Please hang in there with me...I promise to continue working on my blog to make it better and better!

New Releases This Week

An Officer and Two Gentlemen,
The Wind River Pack, Book 2

by Missy Martine

New York Officer Katherine "Kati" Mathews took a bullet in the line of duty and is now hiding out in a small town in Tennessee to recover. The head of a drug cartel wants her dead for killing his son and he has planted a spy in the area watching over her.
Synia Wind River and Kinnith Kowana were adopted into the Wind River Pack when they were young boys. Despite the fact one of them is a wolf, and one a falcon, they’re mates. When their alpha asks them to protect Kati, as a favor to a friend, they’re shocked, and pleased to discover she’s also their mate.
Things are going smoothly until Kati’s brother is kidnapped to lure her out. Will she discover out who she can trust before it’s too late to save his life?

Foul Play, Merricks Montana

 by McKinlay Thomson*

Merricks is a small town in Montana, filled with big beautiful women and the men that love them. 

Sarah Harding is a shy, curvy librarian, who has always had trouble in the love department. Submissive at heart, she longs for a dominant man to sweep her off her bookish feet. Forced into hiding after seeing her best friend murdered, she never expected to find two hot men willing to fill that role.
US Marshall Blake Hammond and his brother, James, who runs the family ranch, have been hiding witnesses for years. Both feel an instant connection to Sarah that neither can ignore. They are Doms and are more than willing to show Sarah what it means to be under the protection of two men from Merricks.
Can she overcome her shyness and give her heart a chance or will the killer hot on her tail catch up to her?

To Love and Obey, Book 1,
The Doms of Club Mystique

by Mardi Maxwell*

Addison Mathews is the only daughter of a famous mother and a billionaire father. She learned at an early age to be wary of people until she met and claimed Cade Ramsey when she was too young to understand what love was all about. Since then Cade has been her protector and he is one of the few people she trusts as well as the only man she’s ever loved. 
Cade is a former Green Beret who works for a global security company.  He’s also a Dom who believes that love can’t be trusted. He and his four brothers co-own Club Mystique, an expensive and exclusive BDSM club. When Cade decides to give up the Dom lifestyle and settle down he chooses Addison as the perfect woman to be his wife and the mother of his children.  Things begin to go wrong when Addison discovers Cade’s secrets. Intrigued by the D/s lifestyle she decides to prove to him that she would be the perfect sub as well as the perfect wife. Addison and Cade are two strong willed people, each with their own ideas of what their future should be. Just as it looks like things are working out for them an enemy of Cade's decides to take his revenge by going after Addison. Cade finds himself fighting to save her and their future together. 

***McKinlay Thomson and Mardi Maxwell are new authors that I found and wanted to share.  These both sound like very good books!  As soon as I get them read, I'll let y'all know my *wagging eyebrows* "EVIL" opinion!  ;)

Their Masquerade
American Soldier Collection, #6 

by Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Mariah Langcaster lost her brother, a Marine and undercover officer, to murder. His troop, four close friends, vow to protect her like a sister. Mariah doesn’t see L.T. Montgomery, Deacon Rayas, Quentin Hayes, and Axel Monroe as brothers. She wants them. But their continued denials send her further away, and into a danger none of them expected. She’s made her own vow. 
  To identify her brother’s killer, an arms dealer, engaged in treason. The last thing L.T., Axel, Deacon, and Quentin expect to find at the masquerade is Mariah. She’s gained the interest of some shady characters, and with masks in place, they could finally have the woman they want without the guilt they feel for loving her. The masks maintain their secrets, and it will take some serious investigative skills to figure out the good guys from the bad. One determined woman with enough inner strength and conviction to end a murder rampage and four determined Marines to prove their love once and for all. Anything can happen at the masquerade. 

Two Wolves and a Librarian
Werewolf Castle Series, Book 6 

by Cara Adams

Magnus Adler and Kiril Engel have spent two years searching Germany for their mate. Is Flynn Jensen, a librarian with untidy brown hair and pale blue eyes hidden behind glasses, The One? And how can they find out without letting her know that they’re werewolves, and where they really live? 
The Alpha has sent them to Stuttgart to prepare a house for him to attend the inauguration ceremony for the new Supreme Alpha of Europe. How can they obey their Alpha and still spend enough time with Flynn to see if she is their mate? They’re desperate to get to know her, but so much is happening all around them it’s hard to find the time. And there is danger, too. The Alpha values his privacy very highly and other packs want to know more about him. Will their time here run out before they know for sure?

Blade's Desire:  Adoring Kelly
More Desire, Oklahoma Series, Book 2 

by Leah Brooke 

Kelly Royal has learned the pleasure of submitting under her husband’s gentle, but firm, hand, but Blade’s interest in dominating her seems to be gone forever. Going into labor a month early scared the hell out of her, and despite Blade’s efforts, he couldn’t hide his own fear—especially when things go terribly wrong.  Unable to forget the image of her pale and unmoving form in the hospital bed, Blade can’t even imagine taking her back into his playroom, and as soon as he brings her home from the hospital, he empties the room, vowing to never dominate her again. His fragile wife has been through enough, and he can’t imagine taking her the way he did before.
Kelly, though, has other plans. She wants her husband back, and frustrated that he thwarts her attempts to take her the way he did before, she takes matters into her own hands.

Naked Exposure, 
Apres-Ski Series, Book 2

by Zara Chase
Darcy Sinclair, a beautiful and talented videographer, is willing to work at Ross Lang’s ski school for minimum wage. Immediately attracted to her, Ross is also wary of the sudden appearance of an overqualified candidate so keen to fill the vacancy. 

The small principality of Nevella is run by five rival families, all of whom are working to attract a wealthy Russian consortium. Could Darcy have been sent to spy for another family, or is she what she appears to be? Someone has to awaken Darcy’s latent sensuality, and Ross figures it’s not against the rules to mix business with pleasure while he tries to figure out her motivation.
Darcy is torn between her feelings for Ross and her real reason for being in Medina Valley, but before she can place her trust in him, he discovers the truth for himself. Will he forgive her treachery and help her fight the people manipulating her?

The Cougar's Timid Little Lynx
Sweet Water Series, Book 1
by Jenika Snow

Love isn't supposed to make someone bleed, leave marks, or even make a person cry. But that was the only kind of “love” Alice Stratton knew. Wanting a new life, she takes her daughter, Joey, and moves to Sweet Water, a picturesque town that she hopes will erase her painful past. 

Cougar shifter Luke Landon has given up on having a relationship after his ex-fiancée betrayed him. Now five years later he is living in Sweet Water and is the physician to more than half the town. He never thought he'd find his mate, but all it took was for his cougar to scent Alice, the timid little lynx shifter, and his whole life changed. But Alice is damaged, and has a child from another man. Can Luke heal his broken mate, be a father to a little girl who isn't his, and get past his own trust issues?

  Happy Release Week Ladies!  

I'm out of here for now, but will be working "behind the scenes" on this time-sucking, frustration-building, and highly rewarding, BLOG.  


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