Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year's Eve

Resolutions...Does anyone actually keep them?

I'd love to say that I always keep mine.  But, you know what?  Sitting here now and thinking back...I'm not sure if I've ever kept a New Year's Resolution for even a month!  Oh, I always have such good intentions, then "something" comes up.  *like a big ole' chocolate "anything" or an abundance of excuses as to why I can't keep my resolutions*

This year is gonna be different!  Well, I know I'll keep at least a couple of my resolutions! *snort*

1.  Lose Weight (hmmm, maybe the problem is from this being such a vague resolution)
     1a.  Lose 30 pounds by May 1 - now...that's specific and is probably doable.  (we will see)

2.  Start Exercising (again)  *here's another vague one...*
     2a.  Exercise in some capacity 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes each time. *I think even I can manage to do this...let's hope*

3.  Buy at least 4 books a week to support my author friends.  I will SO NAIL this one!  ROFLMAO!! (could probably put 10 in there and I'd accomplish that)

4.   Continue promoting Awesome Authors & their books and work hard to make this the Best Blog EVER so that the audience keeps increasing!

(bigger audience = more peeps to "pimp" to)                             
*this one is a no-brainer...it will be kept for sure*

So, enough about resolutions...
let's get on with the "pimpin"!

Happy FIRST Release Day To 
     NEW AUTHOR, Jade Belfry!!!

A PERFECT DOM is Jade's very first book and it sounds scrumptious! Get your copy today!

Vincent Dupuis has a problem. He’s just been dumped for not being dominant enough in the bedroom. After a late night drunken confession to his friend, James, Vincent learns that James is a Dom and may just have the perfect solution to his problem. First he hooks Vincent up with membership to a BDSM club and then he introduces him to Mia Stoyanovsky, the club’s resident Dom trainer!

Mia has problems of her own. She’s still recovering from a traumatic experience with her ex. It made her question if she even has a future in the BDSM world. By agreeing to train Vincent she hopes that he can help her remember why she was drawn to being a submissive in the first place.
Suddenly Vincent’s ex is missing and Mia’s ex starts creeping around. They are forced to trade lessons for protection, and both find that they have much bigger problems to face.

Well, I know y'all are used to "lots more pimpin" but I've got a TON of things to get finished before the end of the year!  LOL  

Have a Fun & SAFE New Year's Eve!  
I want to see all of you next year!


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