Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Just in Time for Christmas...

Happy Christmas Eve!

Good Morning!  I hope all of you have your shopping completed and are at home enjoying time with your families and friends.  *snort, yeah right...like that's happening*  If y'all are like me, you are still scrambling to get that last minute gift/stocking stuffer/forgotten grocery item, etc.!  I swear every year that I'm NOT going to be in this situation NEXT year...somehow, I end up right back here!  *sigh*  Oh well, there's always next year.  ;)

I'm going to post a few books that I know I would LOVE to find under the tree/in an email to me ready to be downloaded to my Kindle or even already paid for and just waiting for release day!

Moonlight Shifters Series, Book 6

by Morgan Fox

(Pre-Order now - Releases Dec 25th)

For several years, werepanther Bianca Jacobs has sought out a way to regain her position within her pack. Her mission: Infiltrate the ranks of the vampire queen and place herself directly in the line of fire. Ending the queen’s reign of terror is within her grasp…if a certain hybrid doesn’t kill her first.
Betrayed by those he once trusted, Ryder O’Laughlin will stop at nothing to end the nightmare that has plagued his kind. Trapped between duty and consuming desire, Ryder must partner with Brody Sullivan, a werepanther with a secret of his own.
Can the three of them put aside their emotional conflicts and find a way to destroy a nefarious vampire queen and end the mutating were-virus once and for all?

Crave Series, Book 1

by Amy J. Hawthorn

(Pre-Order now - Releases Dec 25th)

Ryan Marks is a hunted man. When sweet and sexy stranger, Lacey Briton, becomes a target because of their explosive chemistry, the gloves come off. He calls in his best friend, detective Parker Ellison, to provide protection.
All Lacey wanted to do was treat herself to a day of indulgence at the new shop in town, Crave. Instead she finds herself whisked away to a secluded cabin by two men claiming that her safety comes above all else.

Parker can see that Lacey is meant for Ryan and refuses to act on his own attraction to the sweet and curvy beauty. But Ryan has other ideas and draws Parker in to teach Lacey the pleasures of a ménage where they find more than chemistry when all three hearts become involved.
Crave. Equal parts naughty, class, and sass, it’s the one place with everything needed to fulfill your desires.

The American Soldier Collection Series, Book 7 

by Dixie Lynn Dwyer

(Pre-Order now - Releases on Dec 27th) 

J.J. Jacobs is one sexy, undercover cop. A Vegas showgirl, she escaped death only to be hunted by the killer and his cohorts. Calder Murphy, Conway Lewis, Brook Lewis, and Lincoln Jones are retired Special Forces and set on keeping her alive, especially since others have failed her. She’s combative, untrusting, negative, and on the edge of a breakdown. She’s not convinced that they can be trusted, despite their military backgrounds, all those muscles, and take no prisoners attitudes.
Some sparring on the mat, combative personalities, sexual tension, and it’s the perfect combination for heated passion. But with her life on the line, and a need to capture a high profile killer, could their own fears and unwillingness to trust send her right into the pathway of the killer?

Mountain Wolf Pack Series, Book 1

by Jane Jamison 

(Pre-Order now - Releases Dec 28th)

Rae Barnes’s plans don’t include finding love. Instead, she’s breaking into the country business one song at a time. Once she wins Nashville’s New Talent contest and snags a recording contract, she’ll be set.

Werewolves, Wyatt Montgomery and Stone Garrett, are a duo both on- and offstage, ready to make it big like no werewolves ever have, as country music stars. But when the luscious Rae first strums on her guitar, she sings her way into their hearts.
Trying to save his sister, Wyatt borrows money from the local werewolf mob, but now he can’t pay it back. When the wolf mob finally demands repayment in either cash or his hide, Rae gives up her only memento from her beloved deceased grandmother. Will it be enough to save him? And if so, will she stay with Wyatt and Garrett once she sees them shift?

Climax, Montana Series, Book 3

by Reece Butler
(Pre-Order now - Releases Dec 30th)   

Raised to be arm candy, Penelope Stark's life is turned upside down when she's forced to plead guilty to crimes committed by her sister. Community service encourages her to stand tall. When her father insists she marry a brutal crony who makes her skin crawl, she escapes, calling herself Jane.
She finds refuge with Travis and Riley Adams of the J Bar C Ranch in Climax, Montana. They are in Port Aransas, Texas, to renovate a set of condos. Determined to take control of her life, and aroused by the two brothers, Jane is able to put her fears behind her, enjoying her body and theirs. Delighting in temporary freedom, she is devastated when her past catches up with her, bringing danger.
The Adams brothers bring her to the ranch for safety, and Jane eagerly embraces the life, realizing how much they mean to her. They offer marriage, but is it for love, or just a safe haven?

The Alpha Legend Series, Book 3

by Tara Rose   

 (Pre-Order now - Releases Dec 30th)

Jaguar shifter Nadine Richardson becomes a submissive to leopards and Doms, Austin and Galatyn Meliadus, who came to Jargonian village from Arizona to help her grandfather, Gary, in the quest to rid the shape-shifting world of the League of Exitium. She knows her time with them is limited, but she can’t help falling in love with both alphas.  Austin and Galatyn Meliadus came to Jargonian village to help capture the man who murdered Simon Meliadus—Galatyn’s brother and Austin’s cousin. They stay to help Gary break the power of the League, but neither man counted on losing their hearts to Gary’s granddaughter, Nadine, in the process.  Neither man wants to go out in the field again after Austin’s sub was killed five years earlier in the cross fire of a fight against League members, but working behind the scenes isn’t what Gary needs right now. But once the League is defeated, will they lose Nadine forever?

The following books are "newer" releases that I already have on MY kindle and definitely recommend!

BIG BAD VAMPIRE by Olivia Black
GIFTS OF FATE by Alanea Alder
JUSTICE HEALED by Olivia Jaymes
LETTING GO by J. M. Witt
OUT OF THE STORM by Avery Gale
PLENTY OF CHANCES by Lara Valentine
SOMEBODY'S ANGEL by Kallypso Masters
TRUE by Laurann Dohner
UNEXPECTED PEASURES by Melody Snow Monroe 

Now, I "COULD" continue listing until my fingers fell off!  These are just a few of my favorites from the last few weeks!  I promise, you will NOT go wrong with any of them!

PS:  Yes, I do realize that Kally's book is in a different color.  I can NOT freaking get it to post in black!!!  I've edited/deleted and every other thing I can think of so, guess what?  Somebody's Angel will just be there all purdy in purple!  LOL

Okay peeps, it's time for me to get ready to head out to the *shuddering* GROCERY STORE and WAL-MART!  ACK!!!  *grumbling to self...I will NOT do this next year, I will NOT do this next year, I will NOT!  *sigh* 

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and a VERY Merry Christmas!






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