Sunday, June 8, 2014

Doesn't EVERYONE want their own COWBOY?

Hiya Peeps!
Well, I've updated a few things...still have a LOT to do, but I'm getting there!  I'm sure if I hid my Kindle from myself, I'd make MUCH more progress!  *gigglesnort*  But, we all know, THAT'S, never going to happen!

I've read quite a few books this week.  And although I love all types of romance books...shifters, vampires, BDSM, yummy bikers, dressed up alpha businessmen, I still think that deep down...I want my OWN cowboy.  Yup...that's what I want.  I don't think I'm asking for too much.  Do y'all?  I mean, seriously...what woman doesn't want a big, tall, hot, sexy, protective, man with all those glorious muscles, wearing those tight WRANGLERS on his fine ass running all the way down to those dusty boots, and that sexy hat with his gorgeous eyes twinkling out from under it???  *DAYUM...I made myself drool a little bit*  SEE...EVERY woman needs their own cowboy!  *le sigh*'s an example of what I'm talking about:

Now, those fine WRANGLER pics above are something else, right ladies?  BUT...the one I want...HOLY HOTNESS...take a gander below...I WANT one like him!
I guess I can keep dreaming...or I'll just have to do as one of my favorite authors and good friend says CARPE DIEM! 
I listen to Blake Shelton singing this and think, HELL YEAH...THAT is what a cowboy should be thinking/singing to his woman! 

And...REBA...she just says it PERFECTLY!  ♥
Ok, y'all...guess that's enough dreamin' and droolin' over cowboys on here for today.  Y'all have a great evening! 

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