Sunday, October 11, 2015

Evil Tammy's Weekend Wish - Oct 11, 2015

Hey peeps!
Do y'all ever think that you 'wish your life away'?  My momma used to tell me that ALL the time.  Funny...I used to roll my eyes at her and say, 'whatever'.  Now...I'd give almost anything to see her and hear her say that again.  She's been gone almost 14 years now.  Not a day goes by I don't think of her and something that happened or something that she said.  I can remember saying, "I wish Friday would get here, or I wish it was Summer, or Christmas, or whatever" and she'd say, 'there you go again...wishing your life away'.  When I was young, I thought, ok...whatever you say, momma.  NOW...I totally get what she was saying and I still find myself doing it.  

I know I heard every single one of those when I was growing up.  Makes me smile just hearing her voice in my head.

I'm sure most of you are like struggle to get through your work week, make it to Wednesday, thinking...only 2 more days and the weekend will be here.  A store clerk says hi, how are you?  You respond, I'm okay, but I sure wish it was Friday.  Notice how easy it is to 'wish your life away'?

So, Evil Tammy's Weekend Wish is...*drum-roll please*...To go back in time and LIVE in the moment rather than 'wish it' away.

I came up with 5 things I'd 'do-over' if this wish came true.

1.  Wait until I was older than 20 to get married.  The thought crossed my mind to say just not get married at 20 but if i did that, then I wouldn't have my two amazing sons.

2.  Join the Air Force right after high school, get my degree while in the military, stay in and retire at 38.

3.  Get more into fitness.  I exercised some...but not habitually.  I think if I had really gotten into running, or biking or swimming on a daily basis, that my health today would be MUCH better!

4.  NEVER start smoking.

5.  Take the job I was offered with the CDC in Atlanta after I graduated with my microbiology degree instead of staying in my home town because my husband didn't want to move.

Ok...and one extra...Buy stock in 


So...if y'all had a chance to go back for a 'do-over', what would you change?  Please leave me a comment with your 'do-over' wish! 

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you enjoyed Evil Tammy's Weekend Wish!




  1. Great post Tammy! There was this one guy... Sigh! Holiday fling! I'd go back and hunt him down and get his phone number so I could contact him again.

    1. I'm not even going to get started on 'missed opportunities'! LOL!

  2. Oh man, if I could go back, you know what I'd do? I'd have sat down and started writing in my spare time while I was in my twenties. I should've ignored the naysayers and judg-y people and just done it. It probably wouldn't have been ménage, like I write now, but it would've been hours spent writing, honing my craft that much sooner, rather than waiting until my forties to finally go for it.