Sunday, October 4, 2015

Evil Tammy's Weekend Wish - Oct 4, 2015

Hey peeps!

How are y'all doing this weekend?  I'm enjoying our lovely cool weather we are having.  Highs in the 60s, lows in's absolutely fantastic!  Too bad it's supposed to be back up in the 80s here by Wednesday.

I've been thinking about what to 'Wish' for this weekend.  I decided that since it is MY wish that I'm going all out.


I wish that I could Visit (maybe move to) a Fictional World'!

Wouldn't that be freakin' awesome?  Take a minute and think of all of the wonderful fiction books that you've read.  To actually be able to visit...or even move to one of these fantastic places would be amazing!  Now...which one would I want to go to?  Hmmm...there's no way I can pick just one.  I'll choose my top three.

1.  Divine, Texas - This is the setting for Heather Rainier's Divine Creek Ranch Series. be able to actually go there and meet Gracie and Ethan and Adam and Jack and I could go on and on.  To go out with them to the Dancing Pony and get out there and dance with all of those ladies.  *le sigh*  And if the visit turned into a move because I met a Divine man...or men *gigglesnort*, well that would be just awesome!

Ok...I couldn't find Divine Creek Ranch or even Divine, Texas but I did find a video with the gorgeous Hill Country in Texas, with an amazing house (for sale in the video, but ignore that, lol).  And I know from reading that I'm 'close' to's somewhere in that beautiful Texas Hill Country!  THIS is what I imagine when I read Heather's Divine Creek Series and I could definitely see myself there!

2.  The Carpathian's World - Christine Feehan's Dark Series intrigues me.  A little scary but oh so exciting.  To meet Mikhail Dubrinksy, the Prince of the Carpathians and his lifemate Raven.  To have immortality, powers, and possibly find out I have hidden gifts that make me a possible lifemate would be mind blowing.  

Here's a Fan-Made Video about the Dark Series.  It's over 5 years old but it's still pretty cool!

3.  New York, 2058, the world where J. D. Robb has created her In-Death Series.  To get to meet Eve and the 'OMG' Roarke would be out of this world exciting.  Walking into 'cop central' with Eve and Peabody; meeting McNabb and Feeny; watching Summerset and Eve go at each other; holy crap, just walking into Eve and Roarke's home would be fantastic!  Hearing Roarke say 'Darling Eve' in that sexy Irish accent...*le sigh*...hoping he finds his long lost identical twin brother before I get there!  *gigglesnort*

Here's a Fan-Made Video about the In Death Series.  It's pretty good.  Not quite the Eve and Roarke I picture in my mind, but then...that's why books are so wonderful.  Every reader sees the characters in their own way.

So, these are my top three fictional worlds that I WISH I could visit or even move to.  

What are yours?  Tell me about it in the comment section.  I love to read and maybe I haven't visited your favorite fictional world in books yet.  Would love to know!



  1. Tammy I completely agree with you on Divine and the Dark series! Just to meet everyone from Divine would be so fantastic! And for me I would want to head the Dark Troubadours perform... That would be so exciting. I don't read J.D. Robb but I do read a lot of Nora Roberts. I even met her at a signing! My third pick would be to go to this world called Harmony in a series of books by Jayne Castle. It's so amazing there. Everyone has some sort of psychic ability that comes naturally from just being there. She writes great stories and I don't know if you know of her but she also writes as Jayne Ann Krentz and Amanda Quick. While Castle is futuristic, Krentz is modern and Quick is more recency England, all her books have a psychic/paranormal bent to them. She also does trilogies across all of her names (past, present and future ;) ). Very enjoyable!

  2. First, let me tell you I'm GREEN with envy that you got to meet Nora Roberts. She is at the TOP of my bucket list! Second...Are you kidding me? You haven't read her J. D. Robb books? OMG! You HAVE to read them. If you think they might be Sci-Fi stuff...let me tell you they are not. Yes, it's in the future...but O. M. G! They are soooo good! hear the Dark Troubadours....that would be so freakin' cool! I've read Jayne Ann Krentz and some of her Amanda Quick books...not sure I've read any of her Jayne Castle. i'll definitely have to check them out! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  3. Personally I have four that I would choose are

    1) Near Divine, Texas or Lusty, Texas (Cara Covington's series) because of the hot hunks and great people they have around there.

    2) Bianca D'Arc's Draconia, it would be neat to meet King Roland (a dragon shapeshifter) and his mate Queen Lana (also a dragon shapeshifter). Although I'm not a big fan of heights I would love to see the city they built and meet the awesome people that Bianca has introduced in her series Dragon Knights. Maybe even meet a couple of knights myself? ;)

    3) Morgan Hawke's Interstellar Service and Discipline's Skeldhi world. To meet Victoria Stark (AKA the Victorious Star), Captain Aubrey Ravenos (Pirate captain) and Prince Seht (a Skeldhi blood prince). Or maybe Isabeau Toren Fallen (A famous programmer and theif). Prince Khan (another Skeldhi blood prince) and Dhe'syah Sobehk (Skeldhi prince's bodyguard/head of security). I think it would be awesome to see space and be on a sentient space ship :D

    4) Lauren Dane's Witches Knot - the Tir na nOg part of the book Threat of Darkness (book 5 in the series). To meet Queen Aine, maybe become a Fae...That would rock!

    Special mention to the Mageverse world of Angela Knight, my favorite book of the series is Master of Dragons.

    1. I should also mention Tymber Dalton's Suncoast Society and Triple Trouble series, they both rock!! The first book I read of Tymber's was Safe Harbor (book 1 of the Suncoast Society). It was unbelievably sweet in places but certainly spicy with BDSM!

    2. YAY! Happy Dancing! Three of your mentions I've never read! I'm definitely going to check out Biana D'Arc, Lauren Dane and Morgan Hawke! I agree 100% on Morgan Ashbury's Lusty, Texas and definitely all of Tymber's! My first book from Tymber was Love Slave for Two and it STILL remains my very favorite book of hers! LOVE it and it's series! Thank you so much for commenting! This is a great way to find new to me authors! :)