Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hi everyone!  Hope you are enjoying your Saturday!  I am!  I got my hair colored and trimmed this all those pesky gray roots are gone!  ;)  Met up with my BFF for lunch, came home, and settled down to read.  What more could anyone ask for?  *sigh*  I'll tell you..."one" could ask for a good book...and I will be the first to tell you I GOT it!  SQUEEEE!!!  I read Dixie Lynn Dwyer's Journey to Fortune, which is her 4th book in her Billionaire Club Series and it is FREAKING AWESOME!!!!  OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!  I can't wait for the next one!!!!!  I absolutely LOVED it!!!!  I loved it so much that I finally decided it was time to start back writing some reviews.  So...bare with me while I try to create a "Review Page" here on my blog, but for now, I'll insert it below.  And don't worry...I don't include spoilers, and I do NOT EVER EVER E.  V.  E.  R.  bash authors or their books.  My opinion is that there is ALWAYS something positive to be found in everything and I look for that.  I'm not saying that everything I read earns a 5 Star review, but I am saying that everything I read warrants the time given to it that it deserves.

My Review of Dixie Lynn Dwyer's Journey to Fortune

Dixie Lynn Dwyer's amazing writing style and incredible imagination keeps her as one of my favorite authors! Her current series, The Billionaire Club just continues to get better with each book! Journey to Fortune, Book 4 is definitely my favorite...*so far*, lol! I'm sure I'll be singing another tune once Book 5 is released! When you have a set of identical, stop in the street and gasp, good looking heartthrobs as the heroes, and a petite, yet "Renaissance-esk", insecure, yet independent and loving heroine as the main characters...then what in the world else do you need? Oh...I guess I should mention that there are evil parents/siblings, a horrible boss, a vicious ex-boyfriend, suspense and of course SMOKING HOT SEX! Take my word that this is a book you do not want to miss! And if you haven't read the series...then get started now! You will LOVE all of these HAWT SEXY Billionaires that get put in their place by these amazing women!




  1. I am a big fan of Dixie's books myself. I totally agree this was a really good read.

    1. Love Dixie! Can't wait for book 5! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)