Thursday, November 7, 2013

Howdy Peeps!  First off...HAPPY RELEASE DAY to Ms. Alanea Alder!!!!  Fated Forgiveness
 released today!  It's the 4th book in her Kindred of Arkadia Series.  I can't freaking wait to get started reading it!  I LOVE this series!  She's a "fairly" new author and she is totally rocking it!  If you love shifters, hot men, strong women, humor, suspense, hmmm, did I mention HOT MEN??? will LOVE these books! 

HAPPY Belated RELEASE DAY to Ms. Cherise Sinclair!  Masters of the Shadowlands 8:  If Only
released on November 5!  SQUEEEE!  LOVE those Masters!  I'm about halfway through it right now and know I'm not sleeping tonight until I'm finished!!!

I'm sure by now that anyone reading my "blog" may have noticed that I "kind" of like, *snort* Heather Rainier and Morgan Ashbury.  ROFLMAO!'s the truth...I absolutely positively adore these ladies and their books!  BOTH of them have a new addition to their fabulous series releasing NOVEMBER 8th!  Guess what?  If you'll take a glance at my counter, it'll tell you exactly how many hours and minutes until that is.  SQUEEEEE! more thing...two wonderful ladies, (Devon and Carrie) that I've met online through Facebook, (because of our "like" reading habits) are coming to my rinky dink town Saturday, just to meet me and my BFF (Lin) in person.  WOOT WOOT!  So...if it wasn't already going to be a great weekend, it's now going to be a FREAKING AWESOME weekend!!!!!!  Laters!

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