Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Hi Peeps! 
I know, I know...I SUCK at this blogging stuff!  *sniggle*  I swear I'm going to get better, I SWEAR!  I've made a few changes and added that cool little scrolling widget to the left and the sweet little video widget down on the right.  I found out I could do that in amazon...and good was almost like you tube for me.  I got in there and got sucked into another vortex!  *evil tammy + you tube = TONS of wasted time*  LMAO! have y'all been?  I've been ok...  ;) to the good stuff.  I was lucky enough to get to go to RT in NOLA!  WOOT!  Had a freakin' BLAST!  Met AWESOME authors...lots of online friends...but holy smokes was it overwhelming!  There's so much stuff going on ALL the time...not to mention RT.  *joke...get it?  so much going on in NOLA?*  LOL  Did have one "problem" to speak...or should I say "SMELL"...but I'll just leave it at that!  *EVIL EVIL GRIN*

Since I'm kind of easing myself back into this "thing, called a blog", I'm going to post a few pics from RT and call it a night! 

I swear...I'm going to do better!  *hey...quit looking at my hands behind my fingers were NOT crossed*  ;)

OMG!  LOVE this woman!  She is:  Bobbie Cole/
Lyn Cash/Cash Cole but to me, she is Sunny!
Thank GOD I met her and Lex! 
They truly were life savers! 
The GORGEOUS Angel Payne and me!
LOVE her!

RT - Book Signing Room - O. M. G.

Café Dumond - Can you say BEIGNETS?
*sorry about that drool on the screen*

Cherise Sinclair (left side)
Angel Payne (right side)
Shadow Kittens and (crashers)
crasher = me

The Goddess Herself - Desiree Holt!

Just because he looked HAWT!

LOVE Kennedy Layne!

That's's Maya 'freakin' Banks!
& it's because of the AWESOME
lady in the very first pic, (Sunny)
that I got to meet her and have
a photo taken with her!
I'm still O. M. G.

It's MY Morgan Ashbury
a/k/a Cara Covington
& Vella Day,
Melody Snow Monroe
(Thank GOD I had Morgan and her amazing
husband to go to during RT!  LOVE them!)
*not that I don't love Vella, cuz I do!  ;)

LURVE this woman!
R. G. Alexander is the BOMB!

The awesome Reece Butler!!!

Sue me...I thought it was funny!


More trollies

Probably my BIGGEST fangirl moment was meeting
Holy freakin' crap!
I've read every book that she's ever written and this is from WAY back
She is absolutely AWESOME!!!!