Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hump Day

Hey peeps!  I know....y'all are shocked...I can see it on your smiling faces!  I'm actually back at this blasted blog and posting 2 days later.  WOOT!  I know...I'm a little impressed at myself!  *gigglesnort*  Oh well...I guess I shouldn't be THAT impressed with's not going to be a BIG post...just a few short sentences and a few pics...but hey...that's a start, right?  ;) 

So...I hope the rest the week goes by fast for you...cause I sure need the weekend to get here NOW!  I think I'm still recuperating from NOLA!  My plan is to work some more on this "precious" blog...add some more author's pages info, get some new released books up, upcoming releases, etc....
That's the plan...and y'all just keep your fingers crossed for me that I get it accomplished!  I truly do like having the's just so much to learn at once it's overwhelming at times. the "awesome" Gloria Gayner said...


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  1. I'll take one "happy hump day" butt with the sparkles to go please. Nice job on the blog.