Thursday, June 5, 2014


Hi ya peeps!
I know...I know...I fell behind...but...BUT...B. U. T. I have a really good, although it was bad for me, excuse.  I have had a migraine from hell the past few days and am just now on my first recovery day.  So...cut me some slack, ok?  ;) 

I've posted a link below to a brand new online magazine that is full of AWESOMENESS!  Be sure and check it out!  It's an entertainment source for new book releases, new movie information, articles, and games and more. 

AND...there's even a little surprise on page 12.  *BIG CHEESY (oops, I mean EVIL) GRIN*

CastleGate Magazine - June 2014

I know this is short...and I promise...if my evil migraines stay away...that I'm going to do a real update this weekend.

Have a great FRIDAY tomorrow..


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