Sunday, September 20, 2015



I almost missed my Weekend Wish!  Sorry I'm late with it, but did y'all SEE all the new releases that came out this past week?  I mean, hey...y'all know I LOVE blogging and pimping but afterall...READING is why I'm here!  *gigglesnort*

I think I only got a max of 5 hours sleep a night since Tuesday...and one night...I didn't even get 3 hours because of that 'Evil Kris Cook'!  I started his book and could NOT put it down.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND y'all read it!  I ADORED it and can't wait for the next one in his series, Mockingbird Place.  LOVED it! ♥

Okay...on to my WISH!

This weekend's wish is going to be more for Evil Tammy than me.  *snickering*  That heifer wants more peeps to Like her Facebook Page and Follow her blog.

And I completely understand her reasoning...the more people who follow...the more people that are out there seeing all her PIMPs of awesome authors and amazing books then the more new readers all these awesome authors will get!

So...will YOU help make Evil Tammy's Wish come true?

It's easy peasy...just LIKE her FB Page, Follow her Blog and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE where ever you can!  I know many of you are super busy, but if you could share her page and blog I would SOOOOOOO appreciate it! 

Click here:  Evil Tammy Facebook Page:

Thanks for taking the time to check in and see what Evil Tammy has going on!


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