Saturday, September 12, 2015

Weekend Wishes - Top Three Authors I Want to Meet

Hiya Peeps!

I've been a busy little 'evil' bee *snort* around here! Working so hard my poor lil' wings are worn slap out!
I've updated a LOT, but I still have a LOT to go!  

Anyhooo....let's get to my Weekend Wish!

I have been truly blessed to meet some of my very favorite authors!  (check out my pic page) BUT...y'all know what my name is, right?  'Evil Tammy'?  And...I'm just not satisfied!  Some might call me GREEDY, even. know what I say to those 'some'?  *MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*  

So...the top three authors that I would LOVE to meet in person are:

AND my number one is:   *drum roll please*  

The Queen of Romance 

I'm sure that most of you have read all three of these amazing authors.  If by some freaking chance you haven't, then RUN, do not WALK to your nearest bookstore or CLICK those keys as fast as you can to get to Amazon!

STEPHANIE LAURENS had me hooked with Devil Cynster in Devil's Bride, book 1 of her fantabulous Cynster Series!  I cut my 'series ho' teeth on this amazing historical romance series.  (oh...and did I forget to mention that there are some SMOKING HAWT scenes in this baby!)

 Do I even have to explain why Diana Gabaldon is in my top three?  HELLO?!?!  OUTLANDER?  Maybe y'all have heard of it?  
O. M. F. G...Jamie Fraser is the absolute MEGA HERO!!!

This series is just...just...out of this damn world...AMAZING, OUTSTANDING, and every other superlative that you can think of!

And we should all be so very thankful that STARZ decided to bring it to life!
*happy happy dancing*


And, *breathing a little heavy here*...OUTLANDER, Season 1, Volume 1 

READ the series, people...then WATCH it!  You do NOT want to miss THIS, do you?

WHAT can I possibly say about Nora Roberts/J. D. Robb?  She definitely has the Midas Touch when it comes to writing.  From her very first book, IRISH THOROUGHBRED 
to her next J. D. Robb, In Death book that releases next week, DEVOTED IN DEATH

I have NOT found one that I didn't love!

There is just something about an author who's writing spans decades and she stays at the top of the bestseller lists!  

ONE of these days...I AM going to meet these three...ONE of these days!

Well, I hope I kept y'all entertained and you enjoyed my Weekend Wish!
Be sure and check out these amazing authors if you haven't already!

And please look around my blog and tell me what cha think!



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