Thursday, October 15, 2015

Meet Heather Rainier's Ethan Grant

Hey peeps!  How are y'all doing?  Making it through the week?  Two more days and the WEEKEND will be back!  * I go...wishing my life away again; mumbling to self....stop doing that....stop doing that....*  Anyway, I hope y'all are having a great week and *whispering, while looking around* are looking forward to the weekend as much as I am*  ~evil grin~

How many authors do you know who have a character from one of their books that you can talk to on Facebook?  Today I'm going to share one of my very favorite authors and precious friend's ETHAN GRANT with y'all!

Ethan Grant is one of the heroes from Heather Rainier's Divine Grace, which is the first book of her Divine Creek Ranch Series.  Ethan also makes quite a few appearances throughout the series.  He owns The Dancing Pony in Divine, Texas and has accumulated lots of 'pickup lines' over the years.  I first met Ethan in person, well, on Facebook, back in 2013 and he can still make me blush when he says in that deep, sexy, Texas drawl -  Tammy darlin'.  *shivers just ran through me thinking about it* (btw...I AM his favorite...just sayin') ~evil grin~

Anyway, what started as fun in Heather Rainier's Divine Divas Street Team has flourished to weekly Dancing Pony Pickup Lines.  

Heather has added "Ethan Grant's Slices of Life from the Dancing Pony to her blog, The Divine Tease!  Click HERE to see the first edition!

I know y'all are going to LOVE these Pickup Lines! Make sure you have the kleenex close because you'll either have tears streaming from laughter or tears from how emotionally sweet these stories are.

Y'all can also check him out on Facebook but be sure and friend request Heather Rainier first if you aren't already one of her friends.  (She's really protective of Ethan and has to watch out for him for Gracie)

So, check them out and if you have time, pop back and let me know what you thought.  

Be sure to Stalk (I mean follow...not stalk, follow) *evil grin* Heather Rainier at any of these sites.

Heather's Website 
Heather's Author Facebook Page 
Heather's Facebook Timeline
Heather's Twitter Page
Heather's Bookstrand Page
Heather's Amazon Page

Heather loves to talk to her readers and new friends so look her up.  Well, look her up AFTER you check out 'Ethan Grant's Slices of Life from the Dancing Pony'!

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