Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy FRIDAY everyone!!!  TGIF!!!  Ok...let's get down to business now!  I have some serious shout outs!

HAPPY RELEASE DAY to Ms. Heather Rainier!!! 
 is now OUT!  WHOOP WHOOP!  This is book 16 in her awesome, amazing, fantabulous, can't-put-down, Divine Creek Ranch Series!  This latest addition has three HOT scrumptious "Bears", one sexy "secret" belly dancer, all in Divine, Texas, where I can't wait to see my friends there again!!!  If by some slim chance you've never read any of her books, then you have GOT GOT GOT GOT G. O. T to get started with this series right now!  It is absolutely amazing! 

HAPPY HAPPY RELEASE DAY to Ms. Cara Covington, aka Morgan Ashbury!!!
is now OUT!  SQUEEEEE!!!  Ms. Covington's amazing Lusty Texas Series brings the Old West Cowboys to the modern day world...with a few twists!  ;)  In book 16 of this breathtaking, heart-stopping, phenomenal and just freaking damn GOOD series, you get TWO hot men...a heroine with a heart that needs healing, oh, and did I mention that the men are paramedics?  Hello?  Are you still here?  Damn...I guess I lost everyone...they must have clicked over to BookStrand to order!  ;)
HAPPY RELEASE DAY to Ms. Tara Rose!!!
is OUT!  WOOT WOOT!  Say hello to Book 5 of Ms. Rose's smoking hot Passion Peak Colorado Series!  If you like hot sexy DOMS who know just how to wield that paddle, flogger, or their hands, then this series is for YOU! I mean, seriously...what girl doesn't want an alpha man who will love her and see to her every single need?????  Hello?  Well crap!  Just when I get y'all take off to Bookstrand again!  ;)
WHEW!  My voice is a mite hoarse!  LOL  That was a lot of "shouting"!  I've actually been doing the happy dance all day!  Why, you ask?  Well, I'll tell you...THIS many GREAT books out within a couple of days...HOLY FREAKING just calls for dancing!  There is a small problem...I can handle it,'s still there... *hanging head*...which one to read first?  *sigh*
On that note...I'm calling it a night because in just a couple of hours, Devon and Carrie should be pulling into town and I'll get to SQUEEEEE and HUG and SQUEEEE some more!  Laters!!!!



  1. You're like the Ever Ready Bunny, Tammy! Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Tammy, for the fabulous shout-out!